A Tale of Woe

Oh what a sad day I have had.

First off, my train was cancelled, making me nearly forty minutes late for work this morning. I wouldn’t mind but this is the second time this has happened this week and it’s getting beyond a joke!

Then when I finally got to work I went to the kitchen to make tea and – we had run out of teabags. Yes! I couldn’t have any tea.

I proceeded to have the most DULL day imaginable involving spreadsheets and endless reading of wordy documents, which has now left me with a headache.

All day I was looking forward to going to Simon at Savidge Read’s book group, and meeting Claire from Paperback Reader and other book bloggers, but then I left work late so was running late for that. Not a good start. However, I got off the tube at Embankment, hurried over to the bridge, and went to the cafe I thought we were meeting in at the Royal Festival Hall just in time. I searched the cafe; I couldn’t see anyone. I put my glasses on and searched again; no. I walked all around; could I see anyone? No! So I assumed I must be in the wrong place and went off to explore the other cafes and bars; no one there either. So in the end I went off home, dejected and very disappointed, cursing my stupidity at not being able to find the book group or discuss the book I had read especially for it!!

So I got to the station and oh! what a surprise. I had just missed my train. So I had to get a train to a different station, then get the bus. It was ok, as I did have The Children’s Book to read, which is taking me FOREVER to get through by the way, as there is so much UNNECESSARY DETAIL in it that it takes about ten minutes to read one page, but I was feeling grumpy the whole way because I was hungry and tired and disappointed and A S Byatt was boring me. Then I got home to find an annoying ‘sorry, you were out’ notice from good old Royal Mail who have taken my amazon parcel to the sorting office because of course it’s not safe to leave a parcel in a COMPLETELY SECURE BLOCK OF FLATS! Grrrr!!! So I was looking forward to leafing through the copies of The Moonstone and Lady Audley’s Secret I ordered for Simon’s Sensation Season tonight but instead I will have to get up extra early to walk to the sorting office before I go to work tomorrow and collect them. Wonderful!

Then I made dinner and it was boring and unhealthy and now I feel headachy and moany and miserable because I SHOULD be at the Southbank Centre and I’m not because I’m too stupid and too blind!

So that is my tale of woe. This is probably the only self indulgent and miserable post you will ever read on here so enjoy it now! I’m only writing this because I am so upset about the book group, but I’ll be cheery again tomorrow, I promise. I will write a review of the Book Club Book, I Served the King of England tomorrow because I am too upset to write it now! I am going to make a cup of tea and watch a terrible American drama show instead to try and cheer myself up.

Thank you for reading! Now I have vented I feel much better!



  1. Oh poor you! That should win the London Blog of the day if you ask me! And just when I was beginning to get a bit sentimental about leaving London…cheered me up to no end!

  2. Oh no!!! Can I just say, I have been desperate for a cup of tea all week – do you think we could strike? This and all your other unfortunate experiences today – still, it can only get better!

  3. Oh dear, that sounds like a rotten day all round. I hope tomorrow is much better, and that you can relax with your new box of books and a very large cup of tea.

  4. Thanks Heather! Sometimes I wish I could leave London behind too, on days like this especially!Naomi – I think we should definitely strike. Our teabagless kitchen was unacceptable yesterday, and the day before too! I feel much better today though so onwards and upwards!Thanks Makedo – It's Friday so it can only be a better day. I have lots of nice things lined up today so I am hoping the day will end with a much happier me than yesterday!

  5. Oh no! What an awful day and the insult of having your books taken to the sorting office when you needed cheering up!TGIF anyway, hope you have a nice weekend, and got hold of those books which I also want to read.

  6. Rachel! That is a catalogue of some of the worst non-serious things that can happen (because I know breaking a limb or something would be worse, but these are some of the most IRRITATING things that can happen) – and all in one day! I would be driven absolutely mad. And I can't decide which is worse, not having tea, or missing book group… those two are definitely the worst. Hmm. At least your dinner was unhealthy, I think it would have to be after a day like that.

  7. UGH. I feel dreadful. I was running late myself and couldn't find them for the longest time and almost gave up and went home before doing a last sweep and finding them at a table behind the shop in RFH. We were looking out for you, honest! If you can face it next month then we must exchange numbers or I could even meet you outside beforehand.The Children's Book created all of my grumpiness let alone adding to it.

  8. You poor thing! Cancelled or missed trains are an inconvenience it's true but no tea bags, well that's utter misery! I do hope that after this you stash a box in your desk so you and your co-workers never experience that agony again. Missing your books and book group as well! What evilness was at work thwarting your every move? I'm sending you a telepathic hug and wishes for a stupendous weekend, Rachel – things really have no where to go but up!

  9. Verity thank goodness for Friday indeed – I am feeling much chirpier now it's the weekend! Are you reading along for the Sensation Season because Simon has some great books in there. I am looking forward to reading more of Wilkie Collins.Simon! I am so glad you understand the pain! Non serious things indeed but one after the other…there's only so much a girl can take! And I love your emphasis on the tea…I think only English people can understand how debilitating it is to be without tea!Claire – no wonder I didn't find them if they were tucked away! I was just so sad because I had been so excited. Yes next time we will have to meet somewhere before and then I will be able to join in! Thank you!Darlene thank you so much for your telepathic hug and sympathy! I am feeling much better today already! Have a lovely weekend yourself!

  10. I should be reading along for the sensation season; but I haven't quite got around to it. I am planning to read The woman in black in time for Halloween as I have never read it, and my partner has just finished The moonstone which he loved.

  11. Oh Rachel I am sorry, I have just responded to your email. I am thinking that maybe we need to sort out a new venue as last night was all a bit chaotic and everyone got a bit lost! I am sorry you missed it we were looking for you and very excited about meeting you. Do come next time.

  12. Don't worry Simon! It wasn't your fault! Just a bit of a chaotic place as you say! I'm not sure if I'll make it again as I just signed up for a Thursday night evening class but maybe if you are all still around I can pop by afterwards for a drink…always the best part of book groups!Eva – Thank you for the sympathy! I know and I can't wait to read them, they sound fantastic!

  13. I just thought Simon was making things up when he said a new girl was joining the group! ;)So sorry you couldn't find us… Next time make sure you have one of our mobile numbers.

  14. Everyone deserves a self-indulgent post like this sometimes–especially after the day you had! I can relate to missed trains (or in my case buses). Almost every day this week my bus has either been very late or he's just driven right by (with a not in service notice). Anyone who is only five minutes late does not get to put on a "not in service" sign and ignore passengers! 🙂 At least it's the weekend! 🙂

  15. Oh, poor you! I think you're absolutely entitled to have a big moan about this. I hate it when my schedule gets messed up by things beyond my control.

  16. Now THAT is a bad day!! You deserve every last word of a woeful, self-indulgent, miserable post. Cancelled trains, missed trains, hiding book groups, no tea…you poor thing. At least it's the weekend now.

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