Hello and welcome to my new WordPress Blog! As you will see it’s got exactly the same content as the old blog; I just fancied a change of format. I hope you like it!



  1. Welcome to WordPress! We may not have Javascript but we do have mutiple pages which are so much more useful. I really don’t know how people on Blogger manage without them!

  2. Welcome! As another recent migrant, I’m very happy with WordPress. Like Fleurfisher I love the multiple pages! And you have excellent taste in your choice of template 🙂

  3. I love the new look. I was thinking of moving too but not sure. Would love to know why you moved. It can’t just be the multiple pages. Are there other cool features?

    1. Thank you. Well, I toyed with the idea for a while but Claire of Kiss a Cloud moving and saying how easy it was gave me the push. I like the multiple pages, I like how you can easily reply to comments, I like the look of it better, and also, on your dashboard, you get so much more information – blog stats (ie. how many visitors you have), recent posts, recent comments – it’s all there on one page. I am finding it more user friendly already. And it couldn’t be easier to switch either – there’s an import button that just transfers the old blog over to wordpress in its entirety, apart from your blogroll, which you have to redo, unfortunately. That was the only real inconvenience.

  4. I’m always interested in what makes people switch. I’ve so loved all the options blogger offers with colors and templates. Were there things you didn’t like? And what a great cover on the Yates book! I read a short story by him a couple weeks ago and liked it a lot.

    1. Interesting question, Nan! I didn’t like the way everything needed to be on one page – I felt my blog was starting to look cluttered. Also, I wanted to be able to see all of my stats and stuff on my wordpress rather than having to do it through google analytics. I much prefer WordPress because I can do separate pages to clear up the main page a bit and it just looks nicer in my opinion.

      The Yates books are all beautiful – the Vintage covers are really quite something, aren’t they? I am currently reading through his works and I am loving it – he was such a talented writer, and sadly rather neglected.

  5. Very nice! I feel like the last person on Blogger… but since I spent so many hours playing with HTML to get my third column (even if it still doesn’t work with internet explorer!) I’m going to be stubborn and stay where I am for now… plus I’d miss all my background dots!

    1. You’re not the last person standing, Simon! There are plenty of Blogger people left! You stand your ground – especially as you are enough of a technowhiz to be able to work all of the html stuff out, unlike me!

      1. I bet I’ll have given in by this time next year 😉 My problem is that I know a *tiny* bit of HTML, which makes me think I can wade into the HTML bit and change all sorts, and it’ll all still work…

  6. WordPress is wonderful, as is your beautiful banner. And I’m selfishly pleased, because now if you reply, I’ll get your comment emailed directly to me. It’s brilliant for lazy blogging! 🙂

  7. Oh good, oh good. Shall I call you my new neighbor? I was once a Blogger too but I found WordPress better. It look more formal.

    Glad with your decision! I encourage everyone to move. It’s not as hard as moving to a new house.

  8. Welcome! And because I’m lazy and have way too many bookmarks for my own good, this means that I’ll be visiting you a lot more since you’ll be on my wordpress surfer!

  9. Hooray, you’ve come over to the WordPress side. Blogger is nice, but WordPress is easier 🙂 Looks lovely by the way.

  10. Your blog looks lovely – the only thing that makes me prefer blogger is that it’s easy to read on a mobile – my phone doesn’t like wordpress very much which means I’ll have less chances to read you. Still you will be my prioraty every time I get online:)

    1. Thanks Hayley! I’m sorry you won’t be able to catch up on my posts so often, but I’m glad to hear I will be the first port of call when you get online! I am flattered!

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