A Lunchtime Stroll

Spring is in the air in London. The sky is blue, with hardly a cloud in the sky. The sun is shining, and all is bathed in the scent of that wonderful clear, earthy freshness that hints at the changing of the season. It couldn’t be more different than the grey day we had yesterday, where it didn’t stop raining from morning until night, and I spent all day indoors, staring out of the office window into the gloom of a wintry London sky.

What a difference a day makes! I have just been out for a stroll in South Kensington. It could have been June; there were ice cream vans on the street, people sitting in the park, soaking up the unexpected sunshine, and a general atmosphere of jubilation and ease amongst the crowds of tourists and families enjoying the half term holiday. For the first time in ages, I felt that all was well with the world; I could look up and enjoy the beauty of the sun hitting the time mellowed red brick of the buildings towering above me, a feature of the solid Victorian architecture that so defines this area of London. I could walk with my shoulders back and my head held high, no longer cowed over by the cold, or huddled under an umbrella to shield myself from the incessant rain. I could pause to admire the lovely display of flowers outside the tube station, and consider indulging in the luxury of a gelato from the Italian deli. I was in no hurry; there was no cold or rain to escape from. The world was my oyster. For an hour, at least. It was bliss.

It was a beautiful walk, on a beautiful day. A day during which, as Emily Dickinson would say, I can dwell in possibility, and in the loveliness of the beautiful city I am lucky enough to live in. It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do!

ps. photos aren’t mine – I didn’t take my camera with me today! But they are an accurate representation of my travels!



  1. I enjoyed reading your beautiful post. It’s been a beautiful, sunshiny day here in Kent too and it makes your heart sing to see a blue sky after all that grey. Signs of growth are everywhere and it is still light now at 16:33! Lighter days are on the way – yay!

    1. Thank you! Doesn’t it just cheer you up to see that little ray of hope that spring WILL arrive? Shame it’s been raining non stop the past two days though! A brief respite only!

  2. How nice! It’s sunny here, too, but the only ice (as in ice cream) is what’s still on the sidewalks and we have huge mounds of snow still. I wonder if spring will ever come to my neighborhood! Your description of being cowed over by the cold is an apt one–I’m still all bundled up in scarf and gloves and heavy coat, head into the wind. So it is nice to see such a friendly post complete with photos of colorful flowers. I’m afraid I’m going to have to live vicariously for another month or so at least…. 🙂 But I am happy spring is poking her head up somewhere!

    1. Still snowy?! I couldn’t cope with that! It’s gone back to being cold and rainy again here but that little taste of spring has been enough to lift my spirits and get me excited for the new season ahead!

  3. Sounds absolutely glorious… especially to this Ohio girl who is currently digging out from under the mountain of snow that fell on us this week. Thanks for the reminder that brighter days are right around the corner!!

  4. oh how nice!! and how lucky!! I love London in the summers..and I think its a great city for walking.
    I just moved to the States from India and this is the longest winter I have ever seen. It has been freezing cold for the last three months. I am so happy and jealous that you got to step out! I am just waiting to see proper sunshine here 😦

    1. Hello! Thanks so much for commenting! Yes London is beautiful in the summer…there’s so much to see and enjoy! I bet there is a massive difference for you -I hope the sun come soon!

  5. Wasn’t it just divine! (I seem to come over all Great Gatsby when it’s sunny!)

    I found a great quote about the spring the other day. It’s Doug Larson and he said,

    “Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush”

    Couldn’t agree more.

  6. Ahhh and on the other side of the world I was despairing of ever feeling any sort of crispness in the air after a very long summer of ever increasing humidity – only to find the cycle broken yesterday morning! Goes to show you there is a global link in the weather somehow i.e., the breaking of elongated weather patterns!

    1. Yes, it was, and sadly all too brief, as it’s now gone back to being cold and wet. However it has given me hope that Spring will arrive in all its glory soon!

  7. Thanks for the lovely visual of spring-like day in London! I’m looking out of the window at a snow covered front lawn but the birds are chirping which makes me hopeful. I’m longing for that first walk in the park with Deacon, wearing my wellies and a sweater (trousers too, of course!) with the sun warm on my back.

    I’m intrigued by the building, it looks flat but can’t be!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Darlene! Birds chirping is always a lovely sound and heralds the coming of Spring! It won’t be long until you can take sunny walks.

      The front is curved – the red and yellow building on the extreme left is the Royal Albert Hall, and there are blocks of flats either side of it that are curved round to fit around it. The side wall of the building actually goes back at an angle, which is why it appears flat!

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