Stop Press: I am now famous

That’s right, everyone. You used to think I was an ordinary person, just like you, doing the 9 to 5, drifting along, dealing with the little peaks and troughs that come with every day life, and occassionally blogging about books. Nothing groundbreaking, just living my little life.

However, I’m about to disappoint you all. I am not an ordinary person after all. I have been fooling you with my apparent normality all along – I am actually a celebrity. Yes! It’s true!

I am in a book. It might just be my hand that’s in a book, but it’s MY hand in a PROPER BOOK, nonetheless. A full colour photograph OF MY HAND is now adorning the pages of this beautiful book that I do insist you buy, even if it is just to see my hand.

You can also buy it to see the quilt that I’m making, pictured below, that I’m holding with said hand in the several photographs within which I feature. This lovely book has been published in conjunction with the V&A Quilts exhibition, and it’s absolutely beautiful, packed with easy patchwork projects, beautiful colour photographs, and a nice bit of background about patchwork itself. Perfect for a little pick-me-up treat – the pretty colours have already made me feel like Spring is well and truly on its way!

Rest assured – my brush with celebrity hasn’t changed me. Fame is a fickle friend; I am no fool on that account. While I am proud of what my hand has achieved, my life continues in much the same way, and normal service here on Book Snob will resume once I am 1) no longer too excited about my fame to think straight 2) finished moving house.



  1. I hope your fame doesn’t change you! Gorgeous quilt – I have always wanted to try my hand at quilting but I really have very few sewing skills so I think it might be a bit of a disaster for me!

    1. Oh no – I am still the same old me! And don’t think you can’t make a quilt – I am terrible at sewing and everything craft related but quilting is so easy, I promise!

  2. This is all very exciting, Rachel! Moisturizing and paying special attention to ragged cuticles is more important than ever!

    Congratulations on your quilt making its debut in such a lovely publication…we can say ‘we knew you when…’.

  3. Congratulations to you and your hand! I suppose the main danger is that your other hand will become envious and start sabotaging the famous hand.

  4. Thank you all for your lovely notes of congratulation!

    I am duly noting the amount of people who would like to see photos of my famous hand – I will oblige shortly, I promise!

    1. Thank you! Don’t worry, I won’t…so far riches haven’t come my way but I live in hope! Do check out the book – it should be available on amazon/book depository too as it’s on general release this month.

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