I’m just doing a bit of maintenance on the blog this afternoon…apologies if you get an onslaught of posts in your Google Reader/inbox! When I switched over from Blogger my old posts that did come over weren’t formatted correctly and now they’re in teensy tiny print you need a magnifying glass to read, so I’m just amending fonts and photos etc to make sure my older posts are readable and presented attractively!

I might do some more tinkering around but I’ll leave you to discover any more exciting new additions and changes!


    1. Thanks Claire – it’s proving to be far more time consuming than I thought! But it’s got to be done at some point! I just feel bad that I’m clogging up everyone’s google reader!

  1. And here I thought, “Man, she’s being busy.” Hahaha, enjoying backreading your posts whenever they pop up in my feedreader + whenever work gets droll. :]

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