In celebration of the everyday

Simon asked me to post a picture that reflects my reading tastes and explain how the two correspond. The photo above is from the marvellous abbytryagain’s photo shop on etsy. She also has a lovely blog, here. All of her pictures take ordinary objects or places and make them into something extraordinarily beautiful, poignant, and loaded with memories and meaning. This sums up my taste in books perfectly.

I like books that celebrate how beautiful, magical, and precious everyday life is. I like books that show it’s not fame or riches that make a life extraordinary, but the immense capacity for love and adventure and fortitude that lies in each and every one of our hearts. I like books that show we will each of us be remembered not for what we did, but for what we were to those we loved, those we touched, those we spoke up for. I like books that remind me that my life is a gift, to be opened and celebrated and enjoyed to the full every single day afresh, not placed on a shelf to gather dust and regrets. I like books that see diamonds in the dewdrops. I like books that make me laugh; secret, guilty, stifled laughs in public places. I like books that reflect my humdrum life back to me in technicolour, and encourage me to dwell in possibility. I like books that show that life is an adventure, and no opportunity should go unseized. I like books about people just like me; idealists, adventurers, washing up do-ers, all of whom dare to dream.

ps. Persephone Books have launched their very exciting looking Reader’s Forum today – go and have a look! I haven’t read the book they’re currently featuring but if you have, there are some brilliant questions to get your creative juices flowing!


  1. I agree with every word. We have the same feelings. Thank you for putting it that simply but beautifully.

  2. Reading you little description about your reading taste has cheered me up no-end, the picture is beautiful too; a lovely positive attitude to reading.

  3. I was going to say Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach! Having spent the weekend amongst sporty folks* on my daughter’s football tour it’s so nice to be back among my reading people (even if only virtually). *The sporty folks were lovely, too, but we didn’t have much in common.

  4. Beautiful.

    Your words are as if you were channeling my thoughts and have truly warmed my day in the nicest of ways. I love the way you hang yours words, Rachel, especially here and particularly with the sentence “I like books that remind me that my life is a gift, to be opened and celebrated and enjoyed to the full every single day afresh, not placed on a shelf to gather dust and regrets”. What a lovely thought. So, here I sit, savoring your words, and dwelling in the next “possibility”.

    1. Thank you again for your beautifully kind words, Penny! It is a pleasure to write when my words are so appreciated. Here’s to possibilities!

  5. Wow!
    I’m flattered that my photo is an integral part of your beautiful post, thank you!
    Hope you are having a lovely day.

    1. Thank you for taking such gorgeous photos to inspire me, Abby! Thanks for coming by, it was wonderful to be able to use your photos and share how much I enjoy them.

  6. A beautiful picture and a splendid explanation. I also am much attracted to novels that bring the magical out of the everyday and I guess that was part of what motivated my picture. Lovely post, thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks for starting such an interesting idea! It was lovely to be able to sit and think about my reading tastes and how they reflect my personality, so the pleasure was all mine!

    1. I’m glad you think so, Danielle! It can sometimes be difficult to get my personality across in a book review but it seems I have been quite successful!

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