Well, in two days I’ll be on my way to New York. I am currently swinging between nerves, excitement, panic, and also slight denial: I haven’t started packing yet! This is the biggest upheaval I’ve experienced in my life so far, and the thought of being away from all of my family and friends for a year is panic inducing. However, I know this is going to be a wonderful, exciting adventure that will probably prove to be a pivotal point in my life and I am going to wholeheartedly throw myself into it. I have a feeling it’s going to be an eventful year!

I have every intention of keeping this blog going at roughly the same rate I have always done; so, two to three posts a week. However, during my first two weeks in New York I’ll be staying in a hotel and then I’ll be moving into my apartment. I start my job as soon as I arrive and I anticipate being phenomenally busy, especially in the first month. I have no idea when I’ll be able to get internet access or come back online to post, so I expect I’ll be taking a blogging hiatus of about two or three weeks. I’ll be back as soon as I can, but until then, wish me luck, and I’ll see you on the other side! 🙂



  1. Rachel you are going to have an amazing time! Its soooo exciting, I understand the nerves though but it’ll be a hoot.

    Though I doubt you will need it I am sending you lots of luck with it all. Can’t wait to hear whats been going on in a few weeks time. Can I order some posts on the best NY bookshops both new and second hand at some point, call it a pet project lol.

    Have a great first few weeks!

  2. Goodness, I hadn’t realised it would be so soon, either! Have a wonderful time! I’m wishing you the very best of luck and looking forward to reading about how you’re getting on. Remember, you’re never cut off from family and friends if you’ve got the internet! 🙂

  3. Have a good trip Rachel and I look forward to you blogging from New York! I’m sure this will indeed be a pivotal experience for you! So exciting..

  4. You’ll be hailing cabs with a whistle and chowing down on Philly steaks and Chili dogs in no time! Just kidding…all the best to you, Rachel, on this wonderful adventure you are about to embark on. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on New York once you find the time…now get packing!

  5. Best wishes and safe travel, Rachel. I’m sure you will run the gamut of emotions, then run them again, in the course of moving and settling in and then you will be about such a great adventure full of purpose and excitement, new people and new work, and growing beyond your expectations. How brave you are and how this will expand your experiences. Hopefully, you will be connected and settled in and have lots to tell in a few short weeks. Be well. Penny

  6. Good luck Rachel! Exciting and scary. Good thing you are not moving today, Hurracaine Earl is moving along the coast of the US.I look foward to your future blog entries.

  7. Good luck! I really admire you for doing this–it will be scary, but I know you will succeed brilliantly! 😀 Wishing you the most stress-free move possible!!

  8. Take good care of yourself and don’t forget us. We’re all, I’m sure, agog to read ‘What Rachel Did Next’- what a fabulous gift the internet is.

  9. Good luck and bon voyage! New York is a wonderful city and as you said, there will be plenty to keep you busy your first few weeks there (including jet lag, I’m sure)! I hope your move goes smoothly, and look forward to hearing all about your adventures!

  10. Have a great trip. I hope you see more of the U.S. than the big cities. NYC will be fascinating I’m sure. I know you’ll be busy, but try to take some time to see our beautiful country. Welcome and best wishes.

  11. Rachel, I hope you will enjoy your new life in the United States. I know that we Americans will be waiting to hear about your adventures and first impressions. You are lucky to have such a great opportunity.

  12. Rachel – have an amazing time – I am sure that you will and so look forward to reading updates from across the pond. I have lived in lots of different countries and it can be disorientating but it is such an opportunity for adventure and I really wish you well. Skype makes things a lot easier now as well in terms of speaking to friends and family…
    Bon voyage!

  13. Have a wonderful year. Hope you settle well in the new job & your new home. I look forward to reading about your time in New York in due course. Thanks for blogging.

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