Vive L’Indifference

Released today, made in England and designed to provide an alternative to cheaply produced made-in-Taiwan Royal Wedding souvenirs, the wonderful, hand made mug pictured above expresses my opinions on the royal wedding perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, despite being rather anti the whole concept of an aristocracy, I wish ‘Wills ‘n’ Kate’ well, but the finer details of their nuptials aren’t really of international importance, and if you ask me, the hype has reached ridiculous proportions. People get married every day, after all!

There are only 1,000 of these mugs available and 10% of every purchase will go towards supporting the town of Stoke-on-Trent, once the seat of the British ceramic industry, and now struggling with severe unemployment and depression due to the relocation of these ceramic works to more ‘economically viable’ sites abroad. Buy yours here and join the ranks of the indifferent!


    1. I had those paper dolls too and not ashamed to admit it! I loved them. Penguin have published a very kitsch Wills & Kate paper dolls book and I want to buy them for my friends… ironically, of course!

  1. I love it! The hype is all in the media, Rachel … I have only heard one person even mention it in real life!

    1. I wish it were that way here, Mary – if one more person asks me whether I’m flying home for the wedding I will scream! No! I don’t know the royal family, for goodness’ sake!!

  2. This has nothing to do with anything remotely related to this post, but I just wanted to let you know I’ll be in NYC this summer! So, we should hang out at least once πŸ™‚

  3. Very funny Rachel. I was trapped in a waiting room with some ladies who were watching “The View”. I couldn’t believe that these women are paid big money to gossip about the royal wedding and other things. They went into all kinds of unnecessary details. The nice ladies watching TV seemed to think all of these details fascinating. Like you, I wish them well but the rest is not my concern. Fortunately, I had a book with me.

    1. It’s the gossip I can’t stand, Janet. I have nothing against the couple, but I don’t want to open every single newspaper and be confronted with yet another pointless ‘story’ that’s usually just unsubstantiated rumours and gossip. I think we all have better things to talk about – the relief efforts in Japan, perhaps?!

  4. Ok, great post title, but AWFUL sentiment! I was worried that the nation wouldn’t go into overdrive re:royal wedding, and they have proved me wrong – I’m so excited! Although, annoyingly, I’ll be working when the wedding happens… and so won’t get to see it. Although I might well sneakily watch it at work…

    1. Oh, Simon! I wouldn’t have put you down for being a royal wedding lover at all!!

      I have nothing against the wedding or the couple, I am just sick and tired of the constant idle gossip in EVERY newspaper and on every news programme. It’s overkill! I think there are more important things for us to be concerned with at the moment, and while it’s nice to have something positive to celebrate, you can have too much of a good thing!

      I am glad you will be enjoying the festivities though and I hope you get to watch it at work!

  5. I agree with Simon T – I am STUPIDLY excited about the Royal Wedding (maybe it’s something to do with the fact that I am getting married too this year (110 days time!!!!!!). And I’m also planning to sneakily watch it at work…

    1. Are you getting some good tips Verity?! I can understand why people are excited – mostly because of the extra bank holiday I suspect! – but the American press is RIDICULOUS and I can’t walk into a shop without being confronted by magazine covers of Wills and Kate and every American who hears my English accent asks me if I’m going! I do think it’s lovely that they are happy and are going to have a nice wedding and everything but I don’t need to know all the nitty gritty everywhere I turn!

      Maybe you and Simon could watch it together?! That would be fun!

  6. Oh the fun I could have with Simon and Verity! This is my list on the whiteboard at home: crumpets, red, white & blue balloons, tiaras from the dollar store (one is for Deacon) and I see that R has cheekily wrote down…beer! He won’t even be around so nevermind him. The television coverage begins at 3 am but I’m sleeping in until 5.

    The mug is humourous, Rachel, but I don’t think anyone would believe me!

    1. Oh Darlene, you are adorable! I can just imagine you sitting there, surrounded by bunting, drinking tea and eating crumpets! It sounds fun! If I wasn’t such a miserable cynic I’d be joining you!! I miss crumpets! πŸ™‚

  7. “…and 10% of every purchase will go towards supporting the town of Stoke-on-Trent…”
    And 90% will go towards supporting the potter who made this infantile monstrosity!
    Does anyone else see the absurdity of producing and selling an object that will all too soon be hidden in the back of the cupboard, as a means of protesting the consumer culture?
    I think Bob Crachit gave one of these to his boss.
    As a fervent Royalist I will ignore this pathetic “Bah, humbugism” and celebrate madly!

    1. Oh Charles! I think it’s supposed to be ironic! And it is handmade!

      Good for you celebrating – if I wasn’t such a grumpy cynic I would be too, but I am definitely suffering from royal wedding fatigue! I am happy for the couple and wish them a lifetime of joy but I don’t want to be confronted with stories about what colour napkins they chose and why exactly they are having three bridesmaids every time I open up a news website or walk into a shop!

  8. Please forgive my misspelling of Cratchit; I am prone to editorial error whislt being self-righteous.

  9. I’m with you on this, Rachel, although we get a different take here, the French sometimes poking fun and finding the most hideous examples of wedding madness to feature on the news. I cringe every time. The French (many of them) are still mad about Lady Di (no good explaining how she dropped the Lady when she married) so the new royal couple are scrutinised very closely and compared endlessly with William’s parents.

    That ‘hand made’ mug isn’t thrown, BTW, it’s moulded and transfer decorated (we’re potters). Hugh made one of the Duchy of Cornwall’s gifts to Charles for his wedding to Diana but I doubt they even noticed it among the trillions of gifts from all over the world. I think gifts are given away or sold.

    ‘No’ to the mug and ‘no’ to tuning in on the day. I get asked the same questions as you!

    Oh, PS – I have seen one really funny thing on Amazon: a book of patterns for knitting your own Royal Wedding. So clever.

    1. Oh, the French and their ‘Lady Di’!

      Oh thanks for telling me that – I am a bit of a heathen when it comes to art! How impressive! That’s quite a claim to fame!

      I’m glad we are of the same mindset, though the knitting patterns do sound hilarious!

  10. Ha! For years I’ve kept my plastic dish scrubber beside my sink on a coronation saucer–made in England. No disrespect intended by putting a dish scrubber on the queen’s face. Or not much. I am actually quite fond of it. I think most Americans are a little puzzled by strong feelings about the monarchy; its too far in our pasts!

    1. It’s a strange thing for me as well – I don’t get the misty eyed reverence for them, but we’re all different! Good for you using your coronation saucer for something practical!

  11. haha! That is truly funny. I abhor all the gossip, the chatter, the invites, the dress, and on and on and on, but, are you ready?, I’m a real sucker when it comes to pomp and circumstance and will be up at the crack of dawn to watch. I know, I know, but, I can’t seem to help myself. If it helps, I also stop to watch any and all parades. tee hee

    1. Oh Penny! I’m sure you will enjoy all the ceremony of it – Britain does a good royal event well, I have to say, but it’s just not my cup of tea!!

  12. I so agree with you, Rachel! I’m totally anti-royalist, but wish no harm to the young (and very rich!) couple.

    I remember as a child being given a glass coronation mug (1952 or 1953 – I can never remember which year it was…) All school children were given one. At least they haven’t gone that far with the wedding! But I have been cringing at the ‘Royal Wedding Sticker Albums’ for sale round here. Bah humbug, indeed!

    1. I’m glad we think the same – I wish them every happiness, but the whole notion of royalty in itself sickens me!

      Yes – there would have been quite the uproar if they’d done that out of taxpayer’s money, I’m sure!! Bah, humbug!!

  13. I love the mug. I have vague good feelings for the couple and more power to them but I just do not get the hype. God love you, get married. I’m busy watching River Monsters.

  14. That mug sums up my thoughts exactly, good luck to them but I don’t really care. I like the fact we have a holiday though. Although did you know some public sector workers are being forced to take it as holiday… now thats scandalous.

    1. Look at us miserable lot, eh?! Yes, it’s good that everyone gets a holiday – that was a nice touch! Though public sector workers being forced to take it as a holiday – that’s horrible!

  15. (giggling) Off to see if I can have one sent to my royal wedding obsessed mother. I know, I should be a better child but the temptation is just too great!

  16. I also have to work on the day which is a shame because I enjoy a bit of pomp and circumstance and would much rather have spent the day drinking pimms and bitching over the outfits (like every other wedding I’ve ever been to but without the trouble of leaving my own home…)

    I was in Stoke this week though and it surely is a town in need of help. With the exception of Emma Bridgewater nothing in the town centre is thriving. Possibly if they really want to make a difference more than 1000 mugs will be needed.

  17. Pimms would totally be worth watching the wedding for, I completely agree! Everyone knows weddings are only good for the free food and alcohol anyway! I have never been to Stoke and I think it,s sad that the old industrial towns have had so little help to regenerate and diversify. Hopefully the publicity around these mugs will raise some awareness along with a few bob!

  18. Hahahaha you have seriously amused me πŸ™‚ You don’t get ‘special’ Bank Holidays in your funny little anarchist republics though do you ?;)

    A mate in Canada told me they might be getting special licenses so that all the bars can open at 6am on 29th . That sounds like the way to celebrate a proper British royal wedding to me, but using that mug on the day also seems like an appropriate response. Please tell me you’re going to fill it with coffee (snubbing your homelands traditional drink in protest) on the day?

    1. No we do not!!

      That sounds like a plan! There are all sorts of parties going on in NY for the ridiculous amount of Brits here but I am not partaking. Instead I will indeed drink coffee out of my bah humbug mug!! πŸ™‚

  19. It’s my daughters birthday on the 29th, she will be 14, and is thrilled she is getting the day off school. We are having a union jacktastic party, wedding? what wedding?!

  20. I share your sentiments unless of course Ms Middleton turns out to be wearing a dress by Maya Hansen in which case I’ll give her some kudos! I put up a “wedding” related post on my weblog this morning – no mugs in it however. The day off it a right nuisance as it has made it much more difficult for us to support our stressed university students whose examinations start on Tuesday. I anticipate a lot of emails today and am working from home to avoid what may well be chaos on the tube.

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