Brief Break

I am off to London for a few days on Friday. I am going back mainly for job interviews, but I am also looking forward to meeting Albert, my new(ish) nephew, seeing the rest of my family, and hopefully squeezing in a catch up with some of my friends.

All my time of late seems to consist of looking for jobs, speaking to recruitment agencies, filling in endless long winded application forms, writing cover letters, preparing fundraising presentations for job interviews, and generally being stressed about finding a job, so time for blogging is non existent, unfortunately.

I have lots of wonderful things I’d love to tell you about, such as how fantastic Dorothy Canfield’s Seasoned Timber is, and how beautiful The Cloisters is (and how lovely the two bloggers I very coincidentally bumped into while at The Cloisters are too), and how brilliant Measure for Measure at Shakespeare in the Park was last night, but alas, I have no time to sit and write about anything that isn’t going to result in me getting a job out of it at the moment! So I am afraid you will have to wait until I am back, by which time I hope to have secured a new job in London to go back to in seven weeks, ending the horrendously time consuming stress that is job hunting, and leaving me copious amounts of spare time in which to have lots of fun and write blog posts again.

Hopefully, I will be back online in a couple of weeks; see you then!


  1. I will miss your lovely blog but totally understand. Best of luck in your job hunt…….I remember just how stressful (and time-consuming it can be). I hope you secure a great new position AND that you don’t forget to write up that review of Dorothy Canfield (an author I’ve not yet read)!

    1. Oh Janet, how lovely of you to say so – thank you very much! Don’t worry, I will write it up at some point – perhaps on the plane!

  2. Oh, I do know how stressful job hunting can be. We’ll miss you especially as I am always eager to read your reviews and experiences. Good luck on your job search.

    1. Thank you, Donna! Don’t worry, I will be back before you’ve even noticed I’ve gone – lovely to see a new reader as well! 🙂

  3. I’m going to London Thursday – poor planning, we could have been on the same plane and talked about books all the way! Very best of luck with everything.

  4. Praying for a successful job hunt for you – and a good visit with your newest family member. 🙂

  5. I still can’t believe we ran into each other on Saturday! What are the odds? But what a wonderful addition to our trip it was! Enjoy your time back home, and good luck on the job search.

  6. Missing you (and your brilliant blog posts) already, Rachel. Have a good flight and a good time back home in
    the UK, and wishing you all the best of luck and success on the job front. Enjoy yourself, and know that you’ll
    have all of us eagerly awaiting your most welcomed return to blogging. Don’t stress – just enjoy. Take care!

  7. Safe travel and good luck in the hunt for a job, Rachel. I’m sure you will land on your feet, but, understand the stress of it all just the same. I’ll miss your posts while you are gone, but, all the better when you return. I’ll be waiting . . . Penny

  8. Best of luck with the job hunting, and have a safe journey back to London and a wonderful time once you’re there. How exciting to meet your nephew!

    Most envious of your seeing ‘Measure for Measure’, it’s one of my favourite Shakespeare plays.

    1. Thank you very much Helen – I know, I can’t wait to meet him and cuddle him!

      Oh it was spectacular – I will write about it as soon as I can!

  9. Good luck with the job hunt. I have all the crossable bits crossed for you and a handy wooden desk to knock on.

  10. Good luck for the job hunting – hope you find something stimulating and with nice people!

  11. In between all the rushing around, I hope you have time for lots of reading – as long as you can concentrate, that is!
    When you return, it will be lovely to hear about London (lucky you!) and your quest for a job. They’ll snap you up, you see. All the best!

    1. I can barely think about reading at the moment, Chrissy! The stress is just too much!

      Thank you – London will be lovely and I can’t wait to have these interviews over and done with!

  12. Oh, you poor thing… Job hunting is hard on everything (ego, free time, everything else)… I have only had to do it in one country, so can only imagine the stress of trying to get a position miles away… :-}

    No stress about blogging – get thee an awesome wonderful fun job and pop back in when you have a mo.

    Take care and happy travels.
    liz in texas

    1. Isn’t it just?! It’s so hard getting people to interview you when you’re not able to meet them in person!!

      Thank you – I’ll be back soon!

  13. Still in happy shock over running into you — and now you’re escaping back to your native heath. I wish you all the luck in the world for job-hunting, and look forward to your return!

  14. I hope we can give you a few glorious English days – though not too hot that the tubes make you hot when arriving for interviews.
    So hope you know you’va a job soon so you can realy enjoy your last moments in New York.

    1. Oh thank you – I’m actually looking forward to escaping the heat and humidity of New York for a few blissful days!

      Thank you – that is exactly what I am hoping for too. Let’s hope it comes to pass!

  15. *hug* Have a good time in England! I know job stuff is stressful but at least those handsome boys will have a chance to see their Auntie Rachel.

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