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I think I’ve talked about moving on this blog about five times in the two years I’ve been up and running – just goes to show how little time I ever spend in one place! Anyway, I have been looking for a place in London since I got back from New York and I have finally secured a lovely new flat! I will be moving to within walking distance of my favourite place in London, Highgate Cemetery, next weekend. I can’t wait! I am going to sign up to be a volunteer tour guide at the cemetery as soon as I get settled – can you imagine how much fun it will be?!

Anyway, this means I have to pack up all my stuff again and move across London…and I want to take as little as I can with me. So, please head on over to my shop and take advantage of my 20% off moving sale! Everything MUST go or it’s off to the charity shop so if you want to spare a book a dusty fate please go and buy! The coupon code is MOVINGSALE and it will take 20% off for you at the checkout.

In other news, I had a wonderful time in London with Simon, Darlene and Mary at the weekend – eating cake, walking around Bloomsbury and book shopping! What more could you want?! I will tell more later when I have time to write a proper post!

The Persuasion read along has started (it’s not too late to join!) and is garnering some very interesting discussions. I am busy working on my next post which I will aim to have up this weekend – stay tuned on that!

I am currently reading one of Persephone’s new offerings for this Autumn, a suffragette novel by Constance Maud called No Surrender…it’s very interesting and informative and I’m intrigued as to where the plot will lead. Definitely one to look out for.

Finally, the first episode of the new series of Downton Abbey aired here on Sunday and had me in floods of tears. Oh, how I love it! I really like how they have juxtaposed life in the trenches with life at Downton, and it actually really hit home to me how terrifying and horrible it must have been, and how much the soldiers would have given anything to go home – even if it meant going back to servant’s quarters. There’s also some interesting details about women’s roles in the war and the revolutionary fervour the war trigged amongst some of the lower classes…the new housemaid is a perfect example of this. What I love about Downton is that it’s intelligent, interesting and informative while also being fantastically entertaining and incredibly moving – I just love it and I wish it was on every night!




  1. What finally, you crazy girl? You’ve only been looking for a couple of weeks and you’ve already found the flat from Her Fearful Symmetry. Jealous, jealous, jealous! Is it beautiful? Will you take pictures of your bookshelves in your new flat once you have set them up?

    1. You know me – impatient to the core!! It is lovely – I can’t wait to live there! And there’s plenty of space for you to come and stay!! Yes of course – but there won’t be many of them unfortunately!

  2. Oh goodness, the Downtown Abbey announcement made me jealous! Season 2 doesn’t premier in the U.S. until January, and even then we don’t have TV so we’ll need to wait for the DVDs to come out. Don’t suppose you could make time move a bit faster?

    Best of luck with the move! The work of packing and hauling is never much fun, but it’s so enjoyable to take a new space and make it yours.

    1. I feel terrible that American and Canadian fans have to wait so long! You can always watch it online! You can pay a small amount of a UK IP address and then watch it for free on ITV player!

      Thank you – no, it’s not, but when we’re all settled in it will be brilliant! My first proper grown up flat and I can’t wait!

  3. Good luck with the move, Rachel! It sounds as if you’ve found a lovely place to live! I must pop over and see what you’re all saying about Persuasion, which I’ve read only once. That must be remedied!

    Jane and I watched Downton Abbey on Monday, having recorded it. We, too, were in floods of tears and are wondering how we can cope having a week to wait in between each episode! Previously, we watched it together on DVD, so were able to gorge ourselves on it! As Jane says, there are so many people to worry about! But I won’t say any more in case I spoil things for your many American readers who are having to wait another few months! Poor souls… 😦

    1. Thanks Penny! I have indeed and I feel very lucky! I hope you do pop over and see what’s going on with Persuasion – I want you to join in with us!

      I know, me too – I watched it online and gorged myself – waiting is killing me! But at least we’re not American and don’t have to wait MONTHS!!

    1. Isn’t Ripping Yarns where that great blogger works — her blog is called This Is Not the Six Word Novel, she’s hilarious. My favorites are her posts about weird things customers say in bookshops, she has a book deal and is publishing them. Too funny!

  4. This American woman is chomping at the bit with her almost 18 yr old daughter for a taste of Downton Abbey and almost ecstatically can’t wait for January!!! We will most likely buy the series prior to it being aired on PBS!!! Your life sounds so lovely:)

    1. Oh Tina, I’m sorry you have to wait so long – I feel like a horrible tease!!

      My life certainly isn’t bad, that’s for sure – not even three weeks back in the UK and I am getting all my ducks in a row! 🙂

  5. Good Luck with the move and make sure you have the TV plugged in to keep up with Downton.

    I could watch it every night as well, I love period dramas such as this.

  6. Very much enjoying your blog. Love to hear about life across the pond and back in my favorite city in the world – good old London (guess I will just have to make do with little ol’ New York for now – which is not too shabby either).

    As much as I would love to join your read-along with Austen’s “Persuasion”, will not be able to, as am currently obliged to finish a trio of Wm Faulkner for my own blog.

    Best of luck in your new diggs. Eve

    1. Thank you Eve, how lovely of you to say so! Oh New York is certainly not lacking in charms, is it?!

      That’s a shame, but I hope you will enjoy the posts nonetheless! 🙂

  7. Congrats, Rachel! I’m glad you’ve found a place you like and that it’s so close to Highgate Cemetery. Good luck with moving and enjoy your new place!

  8. Wish we didn’t have to wait until January to watch Downton Abbey here in the US! I’ve had to fill my time watching the entire original series of Upstairs, Downstairs . . . so sad to have finished it. I’ll have to watch Downton Abbey all over again while I wait. And Gosford Park!

    Congratulations on your new flat!

  9. Oh, how I envy you! Have you read Her Fearful Symmetry. I wasn’t wild for it, and in fact quit it maybe 2/3 into it, but I LOVED all the Highgate Cemetery info. Please post as often as you can about your work, okay? We’ll get DA before too long, I hope. Great show. Right now we’ve got Lewis and Hathaway on PBS Masterpiece Mystery.

    1. Yes I did and I loved it – mostly because I LOVE Highgate Cemetery! I will, I promise. I think you have to wait until January…I wish you patience while you wait!

  10. Oh it’s so not fair that I have to fly home today and miss Downton Abbey tomorrow night. I may just have to pester you for an update next month once you’re settled, Rachel. With everything to see and do here in London and then writing about it at the end of the day I’ve only managed to read about fifty pages of Persuasion. I am determined to finish once back at home though, better late than never.

    All the best with your move to Highgate!

    1. I’m sorry you had the tease of watching the first episode and now you have to wait so long Darlene! 😦 You must be exhausted – you’ll need another holiday when you get home!! It was so good to get to see you – such a joy!!

      Thank you! I hope you’ll be able to visit one day!

  11. 1. I’m so envious of the book blogger meet-ups in London! Wish there were more of us over here.
    2. Have you read Her Fearful Symmetry? After reading it I had to visit Highgate on my next trip to London – how could I’ve missed it before?!
    3. Downton Abbey – wow. That train scene rivaled the one in North & South… and that’s saying something!

  12. And I was hoping for photos of your meetup! 🙂 I saw Simon’s but Darlene was only taking the photo, though I finally got to ‘meet’ Claire! Sounds like a wonderful day you had! I have No Surrender on my wishlist already and can’t wait until Downton airs here in January! So glad it is as good as the first series!

    1. You’ll get them when I have time to upload the photos, Danielle! 🙂 You don’t have too long to wait for No Surrender…not as long as for Downton Abbey, that’s for sure!

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