Tea or Books? Episode Three

tea or books

Simon and I had great fun recording our latest podcast, which tackles the thorny issues of new reads vs re-reads and Dorothy Whipple v. D E Stevenson. Head over to Simon’s blog to listen (and for a list of all the books we mention throughout the episode) or to our itunes page, here. As always, any comments or suggestions are more than welcome – do let us know what you think!



    1. Knowing nothing of these two authors, I listened with interest and thoroughly enjoyed your discussion. Excellent podcasting! Must read Whipple soon.

  1. Just back in from walking Deacon on the paths…such a tough question to pose but I have to side with Simon – reread, definitely! I’ve been thinking about An Episode of Sparrows lately so I’m going to read it again at some point this summer. AND…They Came Like Swallows…I fell in love with Bunny by the third page and really can’t bear the thought of something happening to him. I’m only at the halfway point…

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