Question Time


For those of you who don’t know (where have you been?!), Simon at Stuck in a Book and I have been doing a podcast called Tea or Books? for a whopping 49 episodes…and to celebrate our super special 50th episode, we are going to open ourselves up to questions from listeners (and readers who have not yet listened!) on any aspect of our reading lives (though personal questions are welcome too!). If you’ve got a burning question for either or both of us, please do pop it (or them- you can ask more than one!) in the comments below (or email me at booksnob at – we’ll answer every one!



  1. If that instant tea tasted anything like the stuff I sometimes consumed as a student in the 90s then it will have been rather foul.

    Here’s a question for the two of you, which hero or heroine from literature would you most like to go on a canal barge holiday with? Of course, any central character from before the mid twentieth century would find the idea of a canal holiday to be an oxymoron. Until then canals were either industrial transport networks or the derelict sites that many became prior to their rebirth as leisure destinations.

  2. I did not know, and I love bookish podcasts! So I will ask you about the pros and cons of podcasting, compared to book blogging, and have you considered any other mediums, like Booktube?

  3. Wow, 50: it is a huge number. Here’s my question for both of you: If you had to make a list of only five nineteenth century favourite books that you’ve read, which would they be?
    And the second one (well more than a question, an encouragement): Have you thought of writing a novel yourself?

  4. What a milestone. Blogging takes enough time to do successfully so how the two of you also manage to do a regular podcast is beyond me – you are clearly super efficient!
    Now to my question……
    If you were ever in the dire situation where you could have only one book in your home, what book would that be and why?

  5. Hoping it’s not too late!

    How did the two of you meet?

    What are your Desert Island book lists? 10 books to get you through on a deserted island.

    Happy Christmas!

  6. A few silly questions: How many pages do you read in an hour ? How many books a month, on average ? Which is your favourite position when you read ?
    A more serious one: have you read Tristram Shandy, Tom Jones, Joseph Andrews, and Humphrey Clinker ?

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