I’ve opened a shop!

Following on from my last post about culling my library, I decided that many of the lovely vintage books I have picked up on my travels throughout the US just will not fit in my suitcase back home. As much as it pains me to do so, I’ve accepted that I will have to let them go. They are too valuable to just give away, however, so today I pondered my options. Ebay? Amazon? Or…what about my very own online book shop?! I’ve always dreamed of owning a book shop, but everyone knows that secondhand booksellers down dingy backstreets in London have sad fates these days. However, online booksellers are going from strength to strength, and today, I joined their numbers. Yes! I have my very own book shop!

Book Snob and Company opened its doors to customers today and currently has a grand total of…7 books to sell! Please do pop over and have a look to see if anything takes your fancy!



  1. OMG Rachel! Congratulations! I just had a peek and even with just 7 books it looks and sounds promising! Maybe you can also do a personal service where you hunt down books people around the world are looking for? Wouldn’t that be fun? I can certainly think of a number of out of print books I’d love copies of.

    1. Thank you! It’s all been so excited and I am actually now sold out already! I shall have to add some more books over the weekend! Oh Astrid that is a fantastic idea – I would LOVE to do that! I think I will add it as an option!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Well hold tight and when I get back to England masses of books will find their way online…and Wuthering Heights will be one of them!

  2. Great idea, and it looks lovely. I’ve added you to my circle on Etsy. I am sure you will have readers snapping them up in no time.

    1. Thank you so much! I am just loving the experience and etsy makes it so easy for you. I have already sold everything! I can’t believe it! I need to get a new batch up, pronto!

  3. Your comment on London bookstores brought to mind 84 Charing Cross Road.

    Best wishes on your shop and move.

  4. I was so excited about this post even though I really shouldn’t purchase any more books (although I know I will), and then, I clicked on your bookshop link and discovered your books were already sold! Wow! You had a very good idea here.

    1. Hi Virginia! Oh I know, I was shocked to find all my books gone before lunchtime today – I only put them on there last night! There will be more though to tempt you…so keep checking back!!

  5. I went right over but can’t see anything for sale – do I have to sign in or something? I’m thrilled you’ve done this!

    1. Thank you Nan! I’m afraid I’ve already sold out of the first batch I put up, but I’ll be putting some more online over the weekend so please go and check back and see if anything takes your fancy!

      1. You’re selling Mrs. Parkington?! Wow, after you loved it so much! You’re ruthless! If I didn’t already have my own copy…

      2. I know Simon! But getting it all home is such a hassle and if I ever want to read it again, I’m sure I’ll be able to find another copy!

  6. Ha, this is brilliance Rachel. Is there a bibliophile among us who has not fantasised about having their own bookshop? But online, and with photos, that is like the secondhand equivalent of Persephone Books. I think you may have stumbled upon a great future for yourself!

    And I get a headstart on your stock over here in Adelaide…

    1. I know! I am just thrilled with it and it’s so much fun. It’s added a whole new delight to book shopping as I don’t need to feel guilty any more!

      You were my very first customer Merenia and I am eternally grateful! 🙂

  7. Rachel, what a great idea. I wish you every success and I’ll be certainly looking in Will you be happy to post anywhere?

    1. Thank you Merilyn! Yes, anywhere in the world, though unfortunately the US international postage charges are quite expensive so it won’t be cheap!

  8. This is so clever of you, Rachel!

    I’ve never been able to work out how book-sellers on Amazon make any money at all (when, for instance, they offer books for 1p). I suppose it must come from the postal charges.

    Anyway, I hope your new venture goes well. I notice you’ve already sold out.

    Coudn’t you consider giving To The Lighthouse a go? It’s very beautiful. But maybe you’ve dipped into it and disliked it? Don’t be put off by negative reviews. Such a pity to miss one of the great books of the last century.

    1. Thank you Chrissy! I think it depends on what you’re selling. I shan’t be selling paperbacks and shall be focussing just on hard to find vintage novels that definitely are worth more than a penny!

      Thank you – I have just put up some more books so maybe something will take your fancy there!

      Oh don’t worry, I do like To the Lighthouse and have read it several times, but Mrs Dalloway is my favourite Woolf. I shouldn’t have been so blithe about my dislike of her novels, actually – I do rather like most of her books but not enough to curl up with them on a regular basis if that makes sense. Plus I have such a nice collection of her books that I doubt I’ll be able to bring myself to sell them anyway!

  9. How fun! Did I tell you my first-ever job was working for an online bookstore? True story. But they didn’t have nice books, it was all trashy mass-market paperbacks called things like Sweet Savage Surrender and Love’s Passionate Embrace.

  10. What a fantastic idea! Etsy is a wonderful place to find amazing and beautiful things. I love the image you’ve chosen to accompany this post, by the way. I love bookshops (real or imaginary) that look like this on the outside – knowing that incredible treasures are beckoning and waiting for me on the inside. Reminds me of Judi Hendricks’ ‘A Baker’s Apprentice’ book cover – a warm, friendly, cozy, inviting bakery, just calling out to you to come in for a cuppa and a muffin. I’ll be browsing (and very likely buying) from your lovely bookshop very soon.

    1. Thank you June! I know, isn’t that lovely? If only I had a real bookshop that looked like that! I hope you enjoy what my book shop has to offer – I shall be delighted to have you as a customer! 🙂

  11. How exciting! Having a secondhand bookshop has always been a dream of mine, so I may try to pick your brains one of these days! Good luck with your new venture! 🙂

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